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EPISTAR is a professional optoelectronic semiconductor device manufacturer. Founded in 1996, Epistar has adopted the business strategy of “Stick-to-Core Technology and Strategic Alliance” to build a sustainable and long-lasting business. Besides focusing on research and product quality improvement, we also make efforts to promote a safe working environment and to improve energy savings to fulfill our responsibilities as members of society.

The goals of EPISTAR’s environmental and occupational safety and health policies: preventing environmental pollution, improving resource utilization efficiency and building a sustainable business; preventing incidents from occurring, and ensuring the safety and health of employees. In order to achieve these goals, we have committed the following:

For reducing operational risk, ESH risk assessment must be implemented before introducing a new technology or a new method.

The design for product development and production shall include efforts for pollution prevention and the assurance of personal safety and health.

We shall concern ourselves with ESH and energy saving issues, then continue increasing ESH and energy saving management efficiency and ensure constant improvement.

Social responsibility
Through improving supply chain cooperation, we shall create a safe and healthy working environment. It is our responsibility to produce high quality, green products to satisfy employee and stakeholders' needs, and we shall fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Training and consultation
Integration to Epistar corporate culture and industry practices; we will continue training and communicating. We listen to and implement the needs and expectations of our employees and stakeholders, to increase their environmental protection, safety, health and energy saving awareness and habits through education, training and counseling.

It is the responsibility of all employees to improve environmental and energy saving performance and to implement in practice the ESH policy.

Regulation Compliance
We promise to offer and maintain a workplace that complies with environmental protection, safety and health regulations and uses as well international standards as benchmarks.