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  • Upcoming Zhaga Meeting hosted by Epistar
  • 2012/03/13

For the first time, Taiwan is honored to host the March ZHAGA Conference, an industry-wide cooperation aimed at the development of standard specifications for the interfaces of LED light engines, at Epistar Corporation. There will be roughly 120 decision-making people from the member companies attending the three day meeting at the Epistar headquarters.

The ZHAGA Consortium was founded in 2010 by nine lighting leaders, including Acuity Brands Lighting, Cooper Lighting, Osram AG, Philips Lighting B.V., Schréder SA, Toshiba Corp., Trilux and Zumbotel AG.
Echoing to the fast development of LED technologies, ZHAGA will enable interchangeability between products made by diverse manufacturers of the ZHAGA consortium by defining interfaces for a variety of application-specific light engines. As a result, Zhaga standards will boost the consumer’s confidence to purchase LED products that will be easily replaceable and commercially available, enabling consumers to continuously enjoy eco-friendly LED lighting.