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2009 LED Chip for LED General lighting Applications

Since 2008, many small and middle power LED chips have been used to develop many LED general lighting applications. MR-16 and PAR series Lamps are the typical applications. However, those LED Lamps can only be accepted by very few customers owing to the high price, brightness and color temperature factors. How to co-design with customers to achieve the targeted cost and brightness with right color temperature is the challenge and key index in our design inputs of LED chips.

Epistar R&D team has developed several modern technologies based on the demand of LED general lighting. Not only improve the brightness of Blue chips, but also develop ultra high brightness RED and YELLOW chips. By using the new developed chips we can help customers achieve higher brightness and low color temperature. We believe that with this new function we can co-activate and create a new market section in LED general lighting market.

Combining the unique package structure and excellent thermal design to develop a wide variety of modern LED lamps pushes many traditional lamps manufactuers to focus on this emerging market. Epistar provides high performance and low cost products for our customers to have better supply on the LED chips other than those very expensive imported LED chips. By our hard working and co-activation, we can expand the market size of LED lighting. More importantly we can improve the quality of our environment by using energy saving LED lamps.

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