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In 2005, Sony promoted a series of LCD TV with RGB LED backlighting. On account of the high selling prices, the sales were far below the expectation. In 2008, the global economy was severely turned down. LCD TV brand makers brainstormed many fancy topics to attract consumers. TV with LED backlight was one of the focuses to recapture people's attention. However, chip performances and prices were still the main concerns.

Epistar R&D team had developed a new series of product (Venus series) for TV backlight application. The high brightness, stability and quality of Venus series have been applied to TV products by Korean TV makers. The new-generation LED backlight TV featuring slim and power-efficient design attracts consumers' attention and leads the next wave in the market.

Since LED backlight was successfully adopted in LCD TV, major TV brand makers have developed LCD TV series with LED backlight. This trend triggered a rapid growth of the penetration rate of LED backlight modules. Nowadays, LED products for backlight module series contribute major sales revenue of Epistar. In 2009 with enthusiastic devotion to backlight module, Epistar has more than 40% share in LED TV backlight market.

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