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To ensure the safety of car drivers, the car manufacturers require high reliability of any related automobile parts. In 1999, LED was first adopted as the light source of the dashboard by a Japanese LED package house. LED products provided more energy efficiency and saving. The operating current required only 2mA. Therefore, the LED products for such automobile applications required not only excellent reliability but also the uniformity at small current.

Epistar is the first company to develop transparent ITO technology on LED. Moreover, Epistar possesses related patents and best quality LED products to meet the restrict requirements of automobile applications. In addition to the excellent features of LED products, the measurement of LED characteristics at 2mA is also a severe challenge for engineers. Epistar experienced engineering team has successfully improved the measurement system and overcome the measurement accuracy issue at small current. All these efforts have made the chips be checked with more stable and accurate process flow before shipment.

Epistar provides clients with extremely excellent LED products and technology expertise. Starting from Y2000, Epistar entered the supply chains of automobile markets with ITO series which have been adopted by WW major car manufacturers. Nowadays, the automobile designers emphasize more on drivers’ vision and emotion factors to design their car decoration and appearance. The various colors of LED products can characterize different unique environment & feeling for each brand.

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