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The organizer of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games planed to place a huge RGB display in the center of the stadium for the opening ceremony, using the modern LED technology to set off the elegant and classical Chinese choreography. It's an overwhelming challenge to build the large screen (147m X 22m) equipped with high-quality color display. In spite of these foreseeable difficulties, Epistar, as the largest Chinese LED chip maker, was ready to take on the challenge to impress the world at this one of the first world-class events hosted by Chinese.

After intensive collaboration with the display vendor, a total solution of 12kk sets of red-green-blue chips was then decided upon. To meet the substantially higher specifications, Venus 15mil chips and PN series 14mil chips went through several screening processes. Epistar, together with our clients, set their minds on a flawless presentation at the Olympics.

The successful opening ceremony and the LED display not only made domestics and overseas Chinese proud, but also caught the worldwide attention and the following press release. The 2008 Olympics Games made the LED display stand in the media spotlight for the first time, but in fact, the RGB LED display had been widely applied for its high brightness, long life, and energy efficiency since 2002. There are going to be more and more Epistar LED displays in public facilities and international fairs coloring all corners of the world.

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