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With the digitization of consumer electronics, Digital Still Camera (DSC) has become a neccessity in everyday life. In 2003, a Japanese DSC maker required a high-brightness and high-reliablity AlGaInP LED chip (λD=609nm) as auto-focus assist lamp to enhance the lighting, auto-focus function, and quality.

In the evaluation stage, the Japanese customer didn’t identify any particular specifications and its applications, but only standard Iv/Wd specifications. In the production stage, serious client claims occurred for the mismatch on their application which the specifications of chips were within Epistar OQC. It was winter time. Tokyo Airport was even shut down due to the heavy snow storm. To solve that emergency crisis, Epistar sent out tech staffs immediately. The crew landed in Nagoya Airport instead and then rushed to client’s Tokyo office by Shinkansen. A thorough discussion about the root cause was held in details. Then Epistar adjusted internal measurement system, method and the shipping specification after the issues were identified and confirmed. After that, that particular LED product can meet client’s requests in DSC applications in the next shipment.

Epistar provided clients with the most efficient solutions to problems in a limited time frame with our technology expertise and customer-oriented services. With a strong support from Epistar, that Japanese DSC vendor smoothly got 1KK LED products to meet the follow-up production. One million DSC were sold to market and reached sales revenue up to NT10billion. (Calculated on the basis of NT10K/DSC)